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15 - 17 July  2015            Foundation Echocardiography

                                        Registration open

3-4 September  2015         BSE Examination Preparation Course

                                        (This course will be at  Strand Palace Hotel, London)

                                        Registration open

12-13 September 2015     BSE Examination Preparation Course

                                       (This course will be at Moat House Hotel, Stoke)

                                       Registration open

November 2015               4D Echo - a hands on course

                                        TOE and TTE

                                        Advanced techniques including 4D speckle tracking

25-27November 2015      Foundation Echocardiography

                                        Registration open



High Quality Echo educational courses based in the Midlands


Forthcoming Echo courses:

We are grateful to GE for their support of all our courses

  1. Foundation Echo

  1. Advanced Echo

  1. Exam Preparation

  1. Tissue Doppler

  1. Speckle Tracking

  1. Stress Echo

  1. Acute Care